Circular CLT™ Boosts the cross-laminated timber (CLT) bubble (designers, manufacturers, shapers, carpenters, general contractors, users, etc.) to increase the indisputable environmental interests of using timber structures and promote a virtuous exploitation of wood natural resources by:


Cross-Laminated Timber 
CLT is the staple engineered wood product which allowed the recent beneficial rise of the use of wood in building structures.

CLT is the only unlimited and entirely renewable structural material that can drastically reduce the tremendous environmental impact of the construction market.

It offers strong and reliable alternatives to concrete and steel for the contemporary and future-oriented needs of architecture.

Traditional materials industries have underestimated their extensive consumption of energy and non-renewable raw materials that are no longer acceptable to ensure a sustainable future for biodiversity and all life on earth.


Cross-laminated timber market has a substantial economic growth that is going to significantly increase in the coming decade.

In 2019, approximately 1.440.000 m3 of CLT were produced, which represent around 1.000.000 t of stored CO2. (2.000.000 m3 expected in 2022)

However, the manufacturing process and machining generate around 7-8% of production losses which are mainly burned to produce electricity or heat. This ultimately releases the stored CO2 with a negative global balance.

The goal of Circular CLT™ is to push all CLT actors to improve their positive environmental impact by:


CLT production wastes and offcuts represent today a mine of around 100.000 m³ of wood which should be re-injected in the circular economy network


Circular CLT™ is a LABEL+ local HUB’s+ MARKETPLACE

Circular CLT™ LABEL

is an international label ensuring that actors who design, produce, shape, build, sell or use CLT are managing offcuts and wastes in a circular way.

Circular CLT™ HUB

are local storages facilities for centralizing CLT offcuts and wastes to source and ease the access for all circular economy actors.

The online digital inventory allows designers and shapers to compose in advance their creations, products, projects by recycling or upcycling the chosen recovered CLT pieces, prior to pick-up at the closest hub.


offers designers, producers, shapers, builders, a clear visibility of their responsible circular products & services to sell them to sustainability committed customers